Legal Services

Criminal and Civil / Commercial Litigation, Arbitration and Mediation

We have the experience and expertise to handle all types of litigation, whether civil or commercial or criminal, arbitration and/or mediation. Often, detailed discussions are required and you are invited to contact us.


Whether you are buying or selling property, financing it or re-financing it, renting out the property or discharging a loan, we could handle it for you. At times, you could also face difficulties regarding your property or intended purchase or whether it is a landlord or tenant problem. We are in a position to offer our expertise in resolving the manifold and often complex problems or issues surrounding it.

divorce lawyer singapore200Family Matters

  • Nullity
  • Divorce
  • Family Violence
  • Maintenance claims
  • Division of assets and issues about children

If you require assistance and professional handling of any issues regarding your family or children, do contact us for a discussion.


Intellectual Property

Industrial Design We have the knowledge and experience handling registration, enforcement or defence in the above areas.


Notarial Services

Notarial Services are required principally in relation to :- (a) The taking of affidavits and Statutory Declarations for use outside Singapore
(b) Protesting Bills of Exchange
(c) Ships’ Protests
(d) Witnessing execution of documents for use outside Singapore - viz : Conveyances, Powers of Attorney We would be pleased to discuss your needs with you.

Make a Will

Leaving your assets to your loved ones in such manner and proportion as you may wish is frequently a priority to many. A will allows you to nominate a person you can trust to administer your assets and estate. You can contact us for a discussion and to effect a Will.

Deed Poll

A Deed Poll is used to change your name or that of your child’s. Upon effecting a name change, you should also look into ensuring consistency by changing to your new name in your identity card, for your property, bank accounts and informing all other parties concerned of your changed name. Once you have decided to change your name or your child’s name by Deed Poll. You should contact the relevant government authorities for their requirements and charges to effect that change of name in your identity card.

Powers of Attorney

This is necessary if you are not able to sign documents or deal with matters personally. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Traffic Accidents, Injury & Workmen Claims

If you have been involved in a motor or other accident or you have suffered injury, whether in a traffic accident or at work, you should consider whether you wish to bring a claim against the wrongdoer. Generally, insurers will be involved. We have the knowledge and expertise to look into your matter or claim or to carry out any Defence or Counterclaim on your behalf. Do contact us for a discussion.

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